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Mai's new water-based lubricant guarantees highest gliding and comfort. This kind of product is universally known as the most indicated to reduce rubbing during sexual intercourse by protecting the natural pH of intimate parts. Suitable for both vaginal and anal intercourse according for their specific formula by always guaranteeing a long lasting and comfortable effect. They can also be used on all kinds of sex toys thanks to their compatibility to silicone-based materials. 

  • Delicate on skin: Thanks to its delicate formula our product can easily glide on skin by preventing unease and rubbing. Its special formula makes it ideal for vaginal intercourse by guaranteeing maximum compatibility with mucous membranes.
  • 100% skin friendly: vaginal lubricants are a useful solution for people suffering of dyspareunia (pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse), vaginal dryness or post-partum hormonal disruption, but they can also be a pleasurable new habit to be introduced in erotic life to improve sex, such as a sex toy, for people with fantasy and lust.
  • This Back To Basics water-based lubricant is in a 75 ml tube (travel size)