Fanny Hill's inflatable & vibrating Butt Plug

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  • Inflatable vibrating butt plug
  • Multi-speed vibration
  • Handy pump ball
  • Battery-powered - no long charging time


Inflatable pleasure cone with powerful vibrations for Him and Her!
Insert it into the vagina or anus and pump it up to pleasurable sizes. Pushes against HER bladder or HIS prostate for orgasmic pleasures. Add the vibrations for even more fun. Coated in slippery, skin-coloured latex.

12 cm long, Ø 2.5-3.9 cm - can be pumped up to the desired size (Ø 7 cm)! (Please order batteries separately: 2 x Mignon)

Important: The product is made from natural rubber latex which may cause allergies.