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    • Perfectly weighted duo balls, made of silicone with metal balls inside.
    • Can be used for vaginal pleasure and muscle training.
    • Easy in use with the pull out cord.
    • Waterproof and easy to clean.
    A double pleasure ball with draw string to place in the vagina. The encapsulated steel balls can move freely and provide an intense pleasure and at the same time they are an ideal training for your pelvic floor muscles. These kegel balls are made of durable silicone and ABS, and they are easy to clean.

    Insert the kegel balls by pushing them gently in the vagina. Don’t press them to the back of the vagina. Keep at least 2 cm of the draw ring out. Perform the exercise: contract the pelvic floor muscles and squeeze the balls. Strengthen and tighten your vagina muscles. Improve and maintain bowel and bladder functions. Remove the kegel balls by relaxing your muscles and pulling gently at the ring.

    Diameter: 3.5 cm. Length: 19 cm Weight: 80 gr.