shiny, metal handcuffs.

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menottes-artistica-01.jpgFeeling frisky? Blend a little BDSM in to your erotic experience or just a hint of kink with a pair of our shiny, metal handcuffs.

You and your partner can create a wild, wicked playtime with our simple, sleek handcuffs or add a splash of style with a decorative fan of pink, black or white feathers. Pair the cuffs with our lingerie mask and enjoy a seductive night of suggestive roleplaying, simple bondage and sensual, slave play, or taking turns arresting each other.

Dominate your partner with the sleek, polished pair of silver cuffs, letting them slide into their submissive side while enjoying some festive fun with feathers.

Allow your curiosity to invent fun, enchanting games with your lover. A harmless adult game of cops and robbers; your partner, the mischievous criminal, lurking throughout the house.

Soft, high-pitched squeaks spontaneously seep off the stairs, waking you from a deep slumber. Being the Sheriff in town, you grab your sturdy, reliable pair of handcuffs and tiptoe toward the door. As you hide behind it, the mysterious intruder enters. You watch them creep into the darkness through the crack in the door. Without warning, you jump out from your hiding spot and arrest them.

After a slight struggle, you cuff the invader and tackle them on the bed. Feistily frisking them to ensure no weapons are sneakily stashed in their pockets, you question their presence in your house.

As they answer, their voice sends shivers racing up and down your spine. For some reason, this particular criminal is charming and curiously attractive.

With lust unleashing and electrical, erotic waves of sensuality swirling through the air, an intense, sexually-charged night suddenly unfolds.

As you and your partner lay there breathless, you free their sore wrists with the handy, little key included with the cuffs.