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  • The Deep Explorer is a new generation of sextoys. Dorcel has designed this one to allow you a deeper exploration.

    With a total length of 35 cm, take advantage of its flexible 360° rod of 21cm to push the limits of pleasure, and discover new sensations.

    The shaft of the stimulator is ultra flexible, you can turn it in any direction. All positions are therefore possible.

    The tip has a warhead shape, and facilitates penetration. The warhead, 7.4cm long, has a diameter of 3.5cm.

    You will find all kinds of use for this stimulator:

    • Vibrating Egg
    • Anal and prostate stimulator
    • Vaginal stimulator
    • Clitoral stimulator

    Ultra versatile, it will meet all your sexual desires and needs of the moment. Dorcel offers you a real innovation with this versatile sexual stimulator!

    Stimulateur Deep Explorer de Dorcel

    Man or woman, he will fill you with happiness.

    Indeed, because of its characteristics, it can satisfy the needs of the lady. An easy insertion into the vagina, more or less deeply, you can also place it on your clitoris and activate the vibrations to enjoy quickly, like a wand.

    Men and women can also use it as an anal stimulator. The warhead will come to rest deep inside you to give you the most delicious sensations.

    Deep Explorer pour une stimulation anale, vaginale et de la prostate !

    Before the first use, you must charge your sextoy for at least 2 hours, for optimal performance.

    We also recommend using a lubricant for an even more exciting experience.

    For clitoral use simply place the warhead on your clit and let the vibrations invade you.

    For vaginal stimulation, you can leave the warhead at the entrance of the vagina, and turn on the sextoy, or you can go further for your G spot, by inserting it deeper.

    For those who enjoy anal pleasure, in the same way, insert the Deep Explorer into your anus. Depending on your desires, you can go further and further to increase your sensations tenfold!

    The deep explorer is really an ultra versatile sextoy that will allow you to test brand new sexual experiences, solo or with a partner.

    You can perfectly play alone with the Deep Explorer or give your partner the order.

    Dorcel's Deep Explorer offers eight vibration modes. It's up to you to juggle between each of them to find the one that corresponds to your current desires. You can start with a soft vibration and end with the strongest vibration for a most powerful orgasm!

    It is up to you to choose, at what rate you will enjoy it.

    The engine is very powerful, it guarantees optimal use and will deliver all its power at the right time.

    The Deep Explorer is made of hypoallergenic silicone for maximum safety. You should only focus on your pleasure, without worrying about additional risks.

    In addition, it has a handle that allows you to remove it easily and quickly if necessary.

    You will also find the control buttons on this handle, guaranteeing you easy access and handling.

    Splashproof, it resists splashes. Caution: Do not use in your bath.

    Rechargeable by USB (charging time 2H, operating time 1H)