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  • Give yourself a night of pure pleasure. This versatile toy proposes something different. Live out your fantasies, as daring as they may be. 2 toys in 1. This practical, rounded stimulator covered in a silky soft silicone enhances your sexual ability.

    Treasure Montana Curve Stimulator has great power and incorporates a quiet, low frequency motor. Use it on the clitoris or to massage your nipples, or use it while practicing a fellatio.

    Treasure Montana Curve Stimulator has a remote control for the balls that are easily activated from a stimulator button. It increases sensation any where and any way, because by having this control, at the same time as having sex, you’ll be able to stimulate another area or another person ... this toy is very naughty.

    Small and discreet, you can take with you in any suitcase or any bag.

    • Includes rabbit for external stimulation use for internal anal or vaginal use.
    • Approx. 2 hours of intense pleasure is its maximum level.
    • Compact size of both toys with measurements: 36 x 67 x 27mm and 88 x 44mm
    • Silent and discreet
    • Easy-to-use buttons
    • Charge indicator
    • Materials that do not irritate the skin
    • Water resistance category Ipx7
    • 2-year guarantee.