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  • Duo-vibrator with 2 powerful motors.2x7 Vibration patterns.
  • Bendable.
  • Heating function.
  • Phthalate free.
  • Waterproof.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Charging time 4 hours.
Your vibe attracts your tribe. But when you can also bend it or heat it up, the party really gets started! This member of the Vibes of Love tribe by Dream Toys, made in stylish pink silicone, has its own special features, to please and excite customers that want more than the usual vibrations.

The Bendable Heating Brush Bunny has 2 powerful motors. The motor in the top and the one in the clitoral stimulator can operate individually. Both offer 7 different patterns of vibrations.

The clitoral stimulator has two soft and flexible rabbit ears. The top has a soft brush-like structure for extra stimulation. Women who like clitoral stimulation will love this as the brush will give them breath taking sensations.

Additionally the top of the Heating Brush Bunny has a heating function. It is much more comfortable to insert a warm toy than a cold one. The excitement can start as soon as the toy is on body temperature.

Apart from the heating function, this toy has another special feature. It is bendable and can be bent into the desired position that pleases more and stimulates better.

The Bendable Heating Brush Bunny is 100% waterproof and has that silky touch of body safe silicone. On this vibrator the functions are controlled with 3 buttons at the base. Charging can be done with the included USB cable that clicks to the 2 magnetic contact points on the toy.

Bateria / Batterie / Batteries: Recargable / Recharge

Funciones/ Funzioni / Functions: 7

Material / Materiale / Material: Silicona / Silicone - ABS

Marca / Marchio / Brand: DREAM TOYS

Color / Colore / Color: Rosa / Pink

Tamaño / Dimensioni / Size: 14cm

Diametro / Diametro / Diameter: 3,4cm

Peso / Peso / Weight: 237gr