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Product Description

Sliding and Intimgel For 100% natural feel from the Waterglide, 300ml capacity.
The intimate balance formula supports the optimal pH value in the female genital piercings, enhanced and provides for more comfort during sex. In addition, the Panthenolanteil stimulates the skin and keeps it makes.
Lubricating gel from the Waterglide have inspired millions of customers and are in many bedrooms too a sensual and full sex easy to do so. This is for one in a extraordinary value for money, but also to a highly versatile range of products: Natural slide gels, flavoured gels, 2: 1 large slide and Massa Gegele or exciting slide gels with different effects on the skin - for Waterglide gives any preference, look no further.
A further feature of this a good basic from Waterglide is the fact that all are made with water based lubricants, making it the perfect lubricating gel for sex toy are locked up safe and sound. As the lubricating gel get silicone, you the materials the toys do not harm your and can even be used with silicone toys. The water based formula is also highly effective and long lubricated,, allows the lubricant also perfect for to close sex are locked up safe and sound. Thanks to the practical tilt closure the lubricant can also be used in the middle of action quickly and easily with one hand. The recipe with no added colours and can easily keep oil is easy to wash and non staining, to make sure that the passion in the foreground are, not the worry of duvet covers. All lubricant from the Waterglide are developed in Germany and to the highest quality standards, the formulas are clinically tested, and vegan.
Safety is a sexy: of course, all Waterglide sliding gels are 100% Latexkondomsicher.